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Dedicated to our English-speaking readers.

Hallo! It's been a long time since we haven't spent a word for our English-speaking friends and contributors. What pushed us to do it this time is that, despite our very restricted overseas mailing list, copies of SurfNews pop-up in the remotest part of the surfing world. Some have been found in private houses in Hawaii and West Australia, some others at remote resorts of Pacific Indonesia. How they made it there and what message they conveyed to the foreign (non Italian) reader is a complete mystery to us. Being SurfNews distributed free-of-charge, each copy becomes a message-in-a-bottle, an empty coconut, capable of crossing oceans, reaching places that no mailing list of ours could ever cover.

Sometimes technology helps us track some of the routes they take, so we receive emails from surfers in Tonga, West Australia and even New York (just to name a few cases) stoked to see that Italians are actually riding Italian waves. Not to mention our many foreign contributors that see their words translated in an obscure, soft sounding language.

So we have been tempted to do an all-english issue a few times and dreamt of coming out in a 'common' language in the future. Would that work in Italy? I'd love to see how it would look, compared to the 'sacred monsters' born out of the columns of Hercules. I doubt our readers and advertisers would approve it so, at the moment, it's out of question.

Moreover, we are convinced that the social miracle of surfing is that of adapting to different social environments without necessarily affecting, globalizing or invading. Need a proof? Look at other Latin-derived surf countries like France, Spain, Portugal, and Brazil, they all evolved peculiar surf cultures. Italian surfers, are doing the same. Even if all of them read the mainstream surf press, love and cherish the adventures, competitions and tales from the rest of the world, they would not consider themselves properly represented in any other language but their own.

Now, crossing the wave of the 50th issue and (hopefully) paddling into another 50 issues set, we want to dedicate this nearly All-Italian issue to all the foreign friends who helped us appreciate what we have.

A first big GRAZIE goes out to our extended surf family: Alex Dick Read, John Callahan, Dustin Humphrey, Stuart Butler, Antony Colas, Sam Bleakley, Dr. Tony Butt, Randy Rarick, Neil 'Moonwalker' Armstrong, Alan VanGysen, Shannon and Shayne McIntyre and Tom Wegener. All of them taught us a lot about this water world, encouraging us to go on along this very Italian editorial line.

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